1. Housekeeping
    Housekeeping staff with All Purpose Cleaners LLC has been thoroughly vetted and trained to meet the unique needs of cleaning a vacation home after guests. In addition to having guaranteed cleaning services after each guest or owner stay, this service includes: -Quick inventory and inspection for damages -All inside trash removal and replacement of bags (exterior trash removal available for a monthly fee) -Environmentally friendly supplies for guest use -All supplies used to clean the property
  2. Yard / Snow Services
    We can schedule a regular week-day for yard service so you can keep guests notified in advance. During those winter storms our team is ready to handle shoveling walk-ways to keep access open for guests and housekeepers. Both services are done on an as-needed basis to keep costs down and your place looking great!
  3. Hot Tub Service
    We can service your spa on a regularly scheduled basis (great for non-rentals), or between each guest. -Documentation of spa's chemistry and condition, adjustment as needed -Complete check of all components and functions -Removal and cleaning of filter -Spa drained and refilled whenever necessary -No extra cleaning charges unless guest related
  4. Maintenance & Construction
    Bud Thorpe has built a solid reputation as a most trusted businessman, with over 20 years' experience in maintenance, building, and thinking "out of the box"- perfect skills to help you overcome those unusual hurdles that come with living in Sky Valley.
  5. Service Calls
    We all strive to provide the perfect guest experience, but inevitably there will be challenges; a backed up toilet, a locked out guest, a burnt out fuse, or perhaps a late night accident that requires some TLC. When those times arise and you are unable to attend personally, give us a call and our fast response will help you rest assured that your guests, home, and vacation rental business are all taken care of!
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